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Guangzhou Qiyu Leather Co., Ltd. is devoted to product  high-quality,environment-friendly, and sustainable leather products. It’s headquarter office is located at No. 20, Lianrun Second Street, Shiling Longtou Market, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. It has offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Madrid, Spain.

Company History:
Qiyu Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is committed to producing high-quality leather products through the use of sustainable materials and processes. With the company's efforts, which have become a pioneer in the industry, and have received multiple environmental and sustainable development awards.

Company Products:
Qiyu Leather Company produces and sells various types of environmentally friendly PU, Recycled  PU, Recycled  leather, and Bio-based (plant) leather. It has passed multiple environmental certifications such as GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD, VEGAN, BETA, REACH, and the quality of products meets international standards. It has received consistent support and trust from customers at home and abroad. Products are widely used in the fields of fashion footwear、handbags、bags、fashion furniture、gift packaging、home decoration and other industries.

Product Advantages:
Environmental friendliness: All products of the company are made of biological based materials or recyclable materials, which do not cause harmful substances to pollute the environment and are biodegradable.

High quality: We use the highest quality raw materials and processes to produce products ,ensure their high quality and durability.

Diversification: Our products have a variety of designs and color choices to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.

Customization: We can provide customized services to customers and produce according to their needs.

Company Development Plan:
The development plan of Qiyu Leather Company mainly includes the following aspects:

Market expansion: We plan to expand our business to a wider range of markets, including domestic and international markets.

Strengthen R&D: We will continue to strengthen R&D , develop more innovative and environmentally friendly products to meet customer needs.

Improve production efficiency: We will continuously improve production processes and processes to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Improving sustainability: We will continue to seek more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials , processes to reduce their impact on the environment.

Global industrial manufacturing has caused serious damage to the environment, affecting our daily lives and personal health, as well as the survival environment of marine organisms. In order to prevent garbage from being landfilled, enable recycling on the earth, reduce excessive exploitation of energy, and reduce environmental pollution caused by petrochemical products, In the era of increasingly scarce resources ,"Qiyu" calls on everyone to use more environmentally friendly materials and products, and attach environmental protection concepts to brand development, Realize the two-way linkage between environmental protection and fashion.

"Qiyu" adheres to the path of honest management, mutual benefit, people-oriented, and technological innovation.Build a data system, standardize management and control processes, constantly improve and transform, constantly introduce high-quality talents, and constantly learn technological innovation. We have successfully created a unique management development and technological innovation model for Qiyu.

The mission of "Qiyu" is to "Focus on sustainable development and reshape the leather ecosystem". Let "Qiyu" join hands with you to create a more ecological and better tomorrow.
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